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Relax in nature.
Reflect on life.
Restore your soul.
Communal areas

"It's always better when we're together."


I am excited to announce my intention to start phasing workshops into the Deer Lake Wilderness Retreat experience. 

I am open to hosting any kind of workshop so let your ideas flow! Painting, writing, candle making, scrapbooking, vision boarding, forest bathing, crafting, cooking, foraging, cycling, hiking, these are all possibilities so let me know if any of them are of interest to you and I'll start looking into it. If you are an artist, writer, healer of any description or just someone looking for a place to host a small retreat please feel free to reach out to see if the facilities at DLWR would be a good fit for your idea. Please email Sara at 


I would also like to state my intention to focus a portion of my workshops on helping parents who have a child struggling with mental illness and addiction healI am calling these The Heroic Parents' Club Workshops, for more information please click here

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